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To Teach And Challenge Homeschoolers---TEACH

Lots of private classes for homeschoolers.

Johnson County Sports Association

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Facebook Page:  Johnson County Lions Sports Association-JCSA

Contact: (817) 944-1985  Jamie Stanford


A mission to serve home school students that desire to have God as a part of and to participate in competitive Athletics that will Glorify God in all we do, win or lose. "Psalms 104:21 The young lions roar after their prey, and seek their meat from God."

Write Right with Mrs. White

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Private English Composition Classes

Grades 9-12


Preparing students for college and for life


Learning to write is not only an essential communication skill, but it also equips individuals to think, to organize those thoughts, and to present ideas clearly and in a logical order. In other words, this skill helps us in every area of our lives. For students, it helps them in their other classes as well.

Johnson County Homeschool Prom

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Facebook Page: Johnson County Homeschool Prom

Contact:  [email protected]

About:  Johnson County Homeschool Prom will be held May 2016 in Cleburne Texas. The prom is open to all homeschool students, age 14 to 19.  Theme: Roaring 20's.